(CDR) Commission on Dietetic Registration Examination

Have you accomplished an ACNED-accredited bachelor’s or higher with your dietetic internship? Now, you are almost ready to offer your knowledge to your clients to give them a track towards healthy living. Now you have to clear the last hurdle to take the Registered Examination for Dieticians; that’s the final step to get the RD, Registered Dietician Credentials. This article will give you all the details about the Dietetic Registration examination.

            In dietetics, passing this exam is a gateway to a successful career. The Exam sponsor means the (CDR) Commission on Dietetic Registration gives you this ticket to get you to national certification. To earn the (RDN) Registered Dietician Nutritionist or the CDR’s National Credential that’s the only way possible.

For information, RDN and are the precisely same credentials but with just two different names. By CDR, you get permission to use either one for modifying your professional title according to the population you serve. Right Now, to qualify for certification or licensure in 45 different states, you have to pass the Registration Examination for Dietician to earn the National RD credentials.

In states that require the National RD Credentials, you can get eligible for the state-issued certification or licensure; passing this examination will be mandatory. Becoming an RD after fulfilling your state licensure requirements, you can enjoy higher earnings throughout your career.

            According to the US Department of Labor, 2015, on average, a Registered Dietician earns about $29,240 that is more than a dietetic technician. For a person holding the RD, career advancements and job prospects opportunities will automatically get better. From the US department, the National long-term projections show that the growth rate is about 16.4 for nutritionists and dieticians in the decade leading up to 2024. And it will be 13.3% for dietetic technicians holding an associate degree.

Which States Require You to Pass the Registration Examination for Dietitians?

Except for Virginia and California, all state requirements include the RD credentials for their licensing process.

The states that required you to have National RD Credentials for a State-Issued License and Certification

 In the following mentioned states national RD credential is required for certification and licensure. To apply for state-level licensure, you must pass the RD examination and earn this credential to apply for state-level licensure.

The most commonly used terms in these states are “License” or “Certification” to get the authority to practice dietetics indecently. In this context, both words have the same meanings.

  1. Utah
  2. Vermont
  3. Wisconsin
  4.  Connecticut
  5. Indiana

States Having Multiple Licensure Routes

To get qualification for state certification as a dietician, some states are offering multiple routes. Earning RD credentials by passing the exam is one possible route to get the license in such a location.

  1. Nebraska
  2. District of Columbia
  3. Nebraska

Non-License states Requiring RD Credentials for Practicing

These states don’t have a state certification or licensure process; and however, if you want to practice as a dietician in these states, you still have to earn the RD credentials according to the state law.

  • California – California Professional and business code, Chapter 5.65, details that it’s a misunderstanding for the people who haven’t earned the RD credentials to call themselves a professional dietician or a registered dietician nutritionist by passing the exam.
  • Virginia – Virginia Code § 54.1-2731 clears that no one can introduce themselves as a nutritionist or a dietician unless they earned the RD official credential documents bypassing the registration examination

States that at present, Don’t Require the RD Credentials

At present, five states don’t require the passing of exams or getting RD credentials. However, to give a boost to your resume, you have the option of considering RD credentials. But it is important to remember that there are many chances that the state’s legislation may make it a requirement at any point. These five states include:

  • Arizona
  • New Jersey
  • Montana
  • Michigan
  • Colorado

Registration Examination for Dieticians

Any person who has completed an ACNED-accredited program with a dietetic internship is eligible for this exam. Besides, anyone who has this qualification can earn this title anywhere in the country.

            Your school will give your name to the CDR’s testing vendor Pearson VUE as soon as you get close to your graduation dietetics program. After completing your dietetic internship, you will get an email with all the instructions and links that will help to get register for the exam.

Note: Before, the testing vendor was Inc and ACT and proctored at PSI Exam centers. Now everything is through Pearson VUE.

After getting eligible for the exam, you have one year for it. The registration examination for Dieticians Handbook will explain all the details of the application and registration to the candidates.

            After submitting the online payment for your exam, you will receive an email about your test’s scheduling date and location. There are many testing centers of Pearson VUE throughout the nation. You have to bring a copy of your email showing your eligibility for the test and verification, get an identification card or a driving license on exam day.

            For information besides Pearson VUE’s RD handbook, you can also find an RD exam study guide on CDR’s official website.

After the exam completion, you can get a printed exam report. To pass the exam, you have to get a passing score of scaled 25 or higher. As it is a scaled score, the no of correct answers varies.

            After passing the exam, you will get an email from Pearson VUE to give you information about maintaining RD credentials. For a professional development portfolio PDP, you have to pay an annual maintenance fee and complete the continual education in a five-year cycle. 

You can contact the CDR if you fail your exam or your test eligibility expires. Before retaking the exam, you have to wait 45 days, and you have the right to appeal for your exam outcome.

Exam Content of Dietetic Registration examination

You have to give a dietetic registration exam on a computer, and each exam is exclusive comprising 125-145 random questions from a central database. That’s the reason the limit of exam time varies. The dietetic registration exam content evaluates four key areas:

Nutrition care for groups and individuals – 40 percent

  • Diagnosis
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Assessment and screening
  • Intervention and planning

Principle of dietetics – 25 percent

  • Food science
  • Research application
  • Nutrient and related sciences
  • Communication, education, and technology
  • Nutrient composition of foods

Management of food, nutrition program, and services – 21 percent

  • Public relation and marketing
  • Human resources
  • Quality management and improvement
  • Financial management
  • Management functions

Foodservice systems – 14 percent

  • Menu development
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Distribution, production, procurement, and service
  • Facility planning and equipment