Career Path On How To Become A Health Coach

Career Path on How to Become a Health Coach

As with time, the cost of healthcare is continuously surging; American companies are hiring a number of Health Coach to develop wellness programs to benefit their employees. According to Huffington wellness programs, about 51 percent of employers with 50 or more employees created interest and created wellness workplace programs in 2013. And according to the estimation with over 500 vendors who are selling these programs are making it an industry worth $6 billion.

           The health care professionals who want to be health coaches must have a graduate or undergraduate degree in applicable discipline. In addition, aspiring health coaches have to earn experience after their degree in their field through volunteerism, job positions, or internships. To establish their credibility, many health professionals are becoming certified professionals. 

Job description for health coaches

The primary purpose of a health coach is to help their clients achieve a perfect and healthier lifestyle. Some of their specific working duties include:

  • Providing counseling services
  • Making of a particular client’s treatment plan
  • Keeping track of the client’s progress
  • Performing of behavior health screenings
  • Having all the essential information of a client’s current health condition
  • Documenting a client’s progress
  • Having specific health goals for a client

Health Coach Education

Students willing to adopt the health coach career should begin by completing a bachelor’s degree in field-related disciplines such as fitness, nutrition, counseling, psychology, nursing, health care, and wellness. However, students with bachelor’s degrees are considered while applying for a professional standard, but master’s or higher degree-holding candidates prefer while hiring. While selecting your degree program, I will encourage the students to choose a program that integrates experiential learning with classroom instructions. 

Health Coach Certification

The best way by which health coaches can show their abilities and professional skills is by getting certification. There are examinations by some credential associations, like NSCH (National Society of Health Coaches) and ACE (American Council on Exercise), that offer certifications by taking exams of people who want to have the distinction of Certified Health Coaches (CHSs).

Health Coaches Employment

Bureau of Labor Statistics there are about 99,400 health workers and community health workers, including the health coaches, employed nationwide in 2012. But the employment figures are projected to increase in 2022 to about 120,800 with a ratio of 21% growth change. According to the stats indication, these occupations are moving way faster than the average growth numbers for all other occupations. 

Here are the top 5 employment industries for health educators in 2012

  • Government
  • Social Assistance
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory health care service
  • Civic, religious, professional, grant-making, and other similar organizations.

For health community workers, here are the top 5 employment industries in 2012

  • Hospitals (Local, private, and state)
  • Local and state government (excluding hospitals and educations)
  • Laboratory, ambulatory care services, and Outpatient
  • Civic, religious, professional, grant-making, and some other similar organizations
  • Community, family, individual, and vocational rehabilitation services

General employment places for health coaches are

  • Schools
  • Physician officers
  • Medical centers
  • Corporations
  • Natural health food stores
  • Day spas


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Health Coaches Salaries

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report in May 2012, the median annual wage of health coaches is $48,790. The professionals in the lowest 10% earned about $27,730 annually, while the upper 90% earned about $86810 annually. While the private, state and local hospitals contribute in paying the highest salaries to the health coaches compared to other industries. 

           The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the workers in the health community have a median wage of $34620/year in the same year. Professionals in the low 10% list earn lower than $20,340 in a year, while the higher 90% make closer to $58,650 in one year. State, private and local is the highest paying industries to their health community workers. 

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